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Welcome to RLSS

RLSS is a non-profit, basically parent financed trust.

Our goal is a solid academic education for every single student, depending on individual abilities.

Our curricula are based on Samoan, Australian and New Zealand educational standards.

School language is English; Samoan language classes are compulsory for Samoan and recommended for all other students

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NEW  (2011):
RLSS Primary School Newsletter
(pdf-file; 170kb)
NEW (2011):
RLSS Secondary School Newsletter
(pdf-file; 110 kb)  
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RLSS Primary School Newsletter
02/September/2011  (pdf-file;550kb)
12/August/2011 (pdf-file; 120kb)
11/April/2011 (pdf-file; 145kb)
(pdf-file; 110kb)
(pdf-file; 125kb)

RLSS Secondary School Newsletter
29/August/2011 (pdf-file; 90 kb)
17/August/2011 (pdf-file; 80 kb)
(pdf-file; 110 kb) 15/July/2011 (pdf-file; 90 kb)
23/June/2011 (pdf-file; 120 kb)
17/June/2011 (pdf-file; 120 kb)
(2011 Exam Table & Rules)
(pdf-file; 110 kb)

27/May/2011 (pdf-file; 110 kb)
13/May/2011 (pdf-file; 135 kb)

02/May/2011 (pdf-file; 195 kb)
(pdf-file; 70 kb)
(pdf-file; 175 kb)


Previous RLSS Primary School Newsletters

Previous RLSS Secondary School Newsletters

NEW RLSS 2011 Handbook
(pdf-file; 280kb)

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